Something You Should Know About Managing Diabetes

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Health is related deeply to life style. Health inspires and encourages individuals to achieve their highest potential. Health is one of the major concerns among all of us. Our quality of life depends on our lifestyle particularly exercise, weight control and daily meal plan. Diabetes management is very essential to avoid long term damage of body.


It is a condition in which the blood sugar levels remain too high. Sugar levels are regulated by the hormone insulin. Insulin is a hormone necessary to process glucose into energy. It has three categories such as Type I, Type 2 and gestational. People suffering from type 1 are not able to produce insulin naturally. People with type I needed to provide insulin immediately to bring down sugar level in a normal range. People with type 2 are not able to produce enough insulin for proper function or the cells in the body do not responds to insulin properly. Gestational develops in women during pregnancy and tends to increase their sugar levels. As this resolves itself after childbirth so the main focus is to maintain health of the baby and the mother.

Diabetes Care

Keeping an accurate idea of your blood sugar levels is an important part of careful management.

  • It can be managed through lifestyle modification including a healthy diet and regular exercise. The goal is to keep sugar levels as close to normal as possible. Regular glucose monitoring is necessary to see whether the treatment you are taking is appropriate or not. Symptoms may include frequently urine output, increased thirst, hunger, and fatigue.
  • There are some risk factors that might increase the chance of developing health complications. Risk factors associated with type II include obesity, heredity, older age and physical inactivity.  Risk factors associated with type I include autoimmune, genetic and environmental factors. Diabetes can be managed through certain lifestyle changes such as managing sugar levels, eating healthy food and regular physical activity. It will not only make you feel better but will positively reduce your risk of developing health complications.

Blood Glucose Monitor

Blood sugar monitoring is crucial for all people and requires glucometer, a test strip and lancing device or lancets. It is performed with a portable electronic device such as Accu-Chek glucometer. This device is used to test the concentration of glucose in the blood. The test involved a small needle called a lancet which is used for pricking finger and test strip incorporated into a glucometer. It is recommended to monitor glucose level regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy life requires healthy meal and physical activity. You should exercise on regular basis and take care of your diet. Self glucose monitoring is important for managing glucose level and to get a better idea that how your lifestyle is affecting your blood glucose level. Blood Glucose monitor gives you a better way to find out if your sugar levels are too high or too low.

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Something You Should Know About Managing Diabetes

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Something You Should Know About Managing Diabetes

This article was published on 2013/05/10